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7 Cool Blogging Apps for the Bloggers With an iOS Device

Friday, September 15th, 2017

Nowadays, blogging is one of those things that are immensely trending in the market. If you notice carefully, you would see a lot of bloggers are rising almost at each corner of the street! However, becoming successful in this blogging sector is a different story. Being creative is obviously the foremost condition but if you don’t have any efficient blogging apps with you, even if you have the flair of writing, your post or blog might not get the attention that it deserves. Nowadays, you don’t need a laptop or desktop to pen down your blogs. Here is a list of some amazing and effective blogging apps that can give you an impeccable and fun blogging experience from your iPad or iPhone.

#1 BlogPress

If you are looking for an amazing user-friendly blogging experience, BlogPress is the right option for you. With the help of the text editor that comes along with BlogPress, fine-tuning the written article or correcting it becomes absolutely smoother. Editing an image according to your preference is easier using the image editor integrated with this blogging app. More interestingly, sharing your most favourite posts on the various social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and YouTube and sharing it with the followers and friends becomes considerably effortless. Some of the other remarkable features of BlogPress are as follows.

1. Signature customisation.

2. Efficient comment management.

3. Easy upload of videos, anchor texts, files, hyperlinks etc.

4. It supports MSN Live Space, Blogger, WordPress.

#2 Weebly

If you have Weebly installed on your iPad or iPhone, devising a website or a store or a blog on the Apple device is no more a headache. Hence, this app is not only a blogging app but also a tool to create user-friendly websites. This app enables facility of choosing the most fitted text and design elements from the multiple available options. Moreover, using it you can directly upload various images from the Camera Roll. Other alluring benefits of using Weebly is as follows.

1. Weebly desktop offers several responsive themes using which customising your website becomes easy.

2. You can easily publish views with the help of the blog post editor integrated with this app.

3. Commenting and responding becomes smoother that would help you to stay connected with people who follow your posts.

4. You can check the website activity in the real-time format using the website dashboard.

5. Storing orders, checking traffic of your site along with checking other crucial stats becomes easier.

#3 BlogTouch Pro

Whether you want to publish a new blog post or want to edit an already existing one along with managing the comments, BlogTouch Pro is going to make your tasks effortless. According to your preference, you can alter text colour, format, style. In short, this blogging application would help you to improve your article quality. One of the most intriguing features of BlogTouch Pro is that you don’t have to delay your work if you don’t have any access to the Internet at any point of time. Work when you want even if you are offline and post it later when the Internet access is available.

#4 Squarespace Blog

For the iOS devices, Sqaurespace Blog is a very efficient blogging application. Creating or editing any blog post is remarkably easier with the help of the markdown feature or the LayoutEngine. Apart from it, using this potent blogging app, you can easily create links, format texts, apply the desired layout and add photos without much headache. More interestingly, you can manage the comments on your blog posts. For instance, if you don’t like any particular comment, you can immediately mark it as a spam. Another important facility of Squarespace Blog is you can do quick toggle between more than one websites and blogs.

#5 Blogo

Due to offering utterly handy features along with intuitive and impressive user-interface, Blogo is immensely popular among the bloggers, who use iOS devices. This blogging app is so efficient that it can get the best possible outcome from a blogger, who is a novice. Carrying out any task becomes swift using this application as it offers a handful of shortcuts to complete several vital actions.

One of the most impeccable facilities of Blogo is that you can work on your blog or article in the offline mode as well. The Pro version of this blogging application supports Using this Pro version, you can efficiently manage more than one blog at the same time. Moreover, the preference panel offered by Blogo helps you to keep up the workflow.

#6 Tumblr

To make your blogging experience a fun and pleasant activity, you can use Tumblr that is trending in today’s market a lot. Tumblr has a vast community, where you can not only share the experience but can effectively learn a lot of new techniques on how you can make the blog posts more interesting and appealing. Videos, photos, articles, interesting quotes – anything you like, you can instantly post it on Tumblr. As post sharing is very easy in this app platform, communicating with other bloggers is very convenient here.

#7 Notegraphy

Notegraphy features almost 40 different templates. Using any of it, you can make your blogs or posts look more captivating and more appealing. This blogging application won’t disappoint you if you are looking for a fun blogging experience. Another alluring feature of it is that you can easily create a gallery with all your articles and notes. Moreover, you can share all these posts effortlessly on different social media platforms. Connecting and interacting with other bloggers is extremely easy using Notegraphy.

Apart from all the above-mentioned blogging applications, WordPress, Cube, Posterous etc. are some other popular blogging apps that work efficiently on different iOS devices.

5 Path-Breaking iPhone App Ideas for Startup Appreneurs

Friday, September 15th, 2017

Mobile apps are becoming paramount in people’s lives and have not left any sphere of human activity out of its influence.There evolved innumerable mobile app development firms in the past years all over the world and developers started deploying most advanced tools and methodologies for giving life to app ideas. There are a whole lot of innovative apps for iOS and Android platforms, already prevailing for businesses in affluent sectors like food-restaurant, shopping, travel and tourism, education, and healthcare. While many powerful and far-fetched apps are catering well to the purpose of businesses, here’s some thought-provoking app ideas for iPhones that can enhance the lives of people in meaningful ways.

Vacation Guide
Apps for availing travel and tourism services are prevalent. Many small and large transport agencies have brought forth ticket booking, hotel reservations, sightseeing transportation services for travellers and tourists with their own apps. SO, isn’t it a great idea to complement such app services with another app that will act as a primary vacation guide? It will simply focus on providing every minutest detail of a destination, place/city to help tourists plan their trip wisely. Further, implanting useful features such as cab and bus finder, transport fare calculator, best restaurants/hotel finder, notifying about local events and many more, will make such an app a great trip companion for travellers.

Jobs connector
With many small and medium-base enterprises seeking people, sometimes freelancers, to get their things done, there’s a need for a marketplace to connect them with the people who are actually looking for such kind of work to either earn extra money or to get their career started. This is irrefutably a nice area to tap into for entering the mobile app industry. Moreover, the app maker will get to earn a certain percentage of the amount negotiated between the businesses and job seekers as commission by acting as a third-party between them.

Compact Home cook guide
This app will be a fruitful area for any start-up investment in the app’s province that can earn amply because of exponential growth in the number of working population. Most households do not get proper time to learn cooking, prepare great meals and thus, ends up with canned foods and home deliveries from fast-food outlets. However, creating an app that gives a good chance to the busy folks to have healthy home cooked meals is a prudent idea. They can get innumerable easy-to-made recipes by entering the groceries available at their table through the apps, hire on-demand cooks and order home-made meals from takeaways services in their location proximity.

On-demand household assistant
Households struggle hard often to get services for caretakers, maids or general technicians like carpenters, electricians, car cleaners, etc. on demand. So, with an app, an aspiring appreneurs can offer useful mobility solutions to households to find any kind of assistants or technicians on the go. They just need to contact like-minded professionals in these areas and list their services on the app. Customers can randomly check their availability in the app and book their services, with which owners can earn a commission too. While demand for such services is surging everywhere, app makers just need to market their app just to the right audiences.

Rent application
Buying new stuff always can be difficult, owing to the restricted budget in everyone’s hand. It can be anything from a new PC, toaster, to a new apartment. To serve people with their urgent needs even when they do not have a budget for it, a rent app will be highly purposeful. Users can choose among a range of items and rent them on the periodic basis at affordable or compromised rates. Also, for individuals who do not prefer buying the things needed temporarily, finding such an app will definitely be a boon.

There are many other ideas too for newbies in the app market apart from these unique app ideas, to kick-start their venture like on-demand salon services, budget calculator, medical reporting, doctor finder, babysitter/pet sitter finder, time planner, and so forth. However, irrespective of the domain in which they are operating, an app with a solitary idea and holistic approach is bound to score success sooner.